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Catholic Evangelization Outreach

Share Your Faith

How To Share Your Faith?

Participation in Catholic Evangelization Outreach can not only help you deepen your faith, it can also help you share your faith with others. As your faith grows, you will want to share it more with others. Here are some suggestions for how to share your faith:

  • Nurture personal and spiritual friendships. Friendship is the original model of evangelization and  establishes trust and mutual respect. This creates openness and acceptance which leads to a constructive dialogue. 
  • Pray for God's people, and in particular for the people Jesus is trying to reach this day. Make evangelization a part of your prayer at every Mass. Prayer opens our hearts to God and God's ways. 
  • Tell your story. Despite how ordinary you think it is, people will relate to your journey and be inspired by it. Keep in mind that people do not care so much about what you believe; they want to know why you believe and how it has changed your life. 
  • Attend the Catholic Evangelization talks. Hearing others share their faith helps us recognize how God is working in our own lives, and gives us the courage to share our faith with others.